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Gallery: Marc O'Malley
10 Tracks and a Movie: Jon Stark

Jon Stark lets us sample his love for sound, sharing ten eclectic songs and a movie suggestion: Won't You Be My Neighbor directed by Morgan Neville

10 Tracks and a Movie: Jake Durham

I'm going to start with a movie. ---- instead of a movie i'm going to recommend a book. "Futureproof" by N. Frank Daniels. "The story of Luke and his friends as they navigate Atlanta’s subculture of delinquents". I very rarely read an entire book. When I started to see my current girlfriend she inspired me to want to read. I just picked a book off my shelf. I could have sworn that my friend Hoagy borrowed it to me. Half way through the book I texted him a picture of the book cover and he hadn't heard of it. I kept reading. Whoever borrowed it to me underlined some quotes and wrote some notes. I posted a instagram story asking who had borrowed the book to me. It was my friend Jessie's book. I don't remember when she borrowed it to me. If you reeeeaaaaalllyyyy want a movie. I'm going to recommend the movie "Hereditary" directed by Ari Aster